Where to get the best Tacos in Dubai

Where to get the best Tacos in Dubai

With the COVID-19 curfew lifted, a new life has been breathed into Dubai’s South American food scenario. People are now flocking to Dubai to enjoy some rare delicacies from around the world. Among them are the tacos. So, if you are aiming to scout out the tastiest tacos in Dubai, this article will help you with your foodie adventure. Here are the secret places where you can get the best Tacos in Dubai.

The Maine

One of the best restaurants in Dubai offering authentic tacos is The Maine. It is a luxury place so you can rest assured that you will be getting the best of the best here. The ambience is amazing and gets you in the foodie zone quickly. The restaurant owners have been careful in choosing the location of the restaurants. This allows them to offer you the freshest seafood and the juiciest grilled food in the emirate. If you are looking for the best tacos in Dubai, you need to give The Maine a shot.

La Carnita

Achiote chicken in a crispy tortilla. Does that get you salivating? If yes, then there is a hot new taqueria that is the place for you to go when you’re craving for an authentic Mexican taco. The distinctive orange hue of this restaurant seems like a mirage, but it’s a paradise offering you authentic Mexican delicacies. One bite into the achiote chicken taco at La Carnita fills your mouth with grilled chicken, jalapeño salsa, lathered in pineapple and smothered in thickened sour cream. All this is sprinkled with crispy shallots that pops in your mouth and the entire tastebud adventure is finished with a generous helping of cotija cheese. You can get all this in about AED 300 if you make your way towards the InterContinental Dubai Marina in Dubai Marina locality. 

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Not all tacos restaurants were made equal, and the same could be said for the tacos served in them. The aguacate taco at COYA’s is certainly setting the bar high. It is a fancy Peruvian restaurant that serves the best aguacate taco in Dubai. Carefully crafted from avocado, manchego, quail’s egg, and smoked yoghurt, this taco comes with a smattering of seeds that makes you fall in love with Dubai. Why? Because it’s the only place that offers it. If you are a sophisticated eater, you will surely face a challenge in wolfing it. It asks you to throw all the decorum out the window and enjoy the feeling on quail’s egg on your chin. The experience comes at AED 60 and is found at Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach in Jumeirah locality of Dubai. 

These were our top three places to enjoy the best tacos in Dubai. The mexican food in the emirate is great and if you combine it with some seafood you will take the entire experience to a whole new level. Try them and don’t forget to share the pictures on social media!