2 Ways to Fix the Resolution on HDMI Connection From a Computer

Vivian Michel
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You can connect your Windows laptop to a TV using an HDMI connection. Users can now utilize their computer displays to view material on their TVs thanks to this.

Even though connecting a TV to a computer is frequently simple, issues with the display size can arise frequently. The TV’s images may be hazy or smaller than you prefer.

To adjust the HDMI Coax Modulator screen size on the TV, it would be advisable to search through the native resolutions of your TV. You should be aware of the resolution of the TV as if you bought it yourself.

Describe the HDMI

For sending high-definition video and audio via a single cable, HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is the most used HD signal.

With the rise of HDTVs, home theatre receivers, Blu-ray disc players, network media players, video projectors, and even cable/satellite boxes, HDMI has taken over as the standard connection type in the home theatre industry.

HDMI, in contrast to earlier standards, enables audio and video to be transferred over a single cable, greatly simplifying the configuration of home theatre equipment and enabling you to show family photos or presents on your television. One advantage of HDMI is that it makes it simpler to connect all components with a single wire.


Resolution Fix for HDMI from Computer to TV

As long as you have changed the aspect ratio and the screen now fits the TV, you may experience issues with the resolution settings on the PC. You might need to visit your PC display options in order to change your resolution levels.

1. Fixing Windows to TV HDMI Resolution


The picture could appear blurry or smaller than it should when you try to connect your screen to a television. The answer is to first determine which resolution works best for your TV.

To be displayed, your TV needs to be connected to your computer using an HDMI cable. You must consult the TV User Guide to determine what resolution is supported if the image or video does not fill the entire TV section.

Follow the instructions below to alter your screen’s resolution.

  • On the Start button icon, click.
  • Select “Control Panel”
  • On the Appearance and Personalization menu, select Adjust Screen Resolution.
  • Choose the resolution you wish to use by selecting it from the drop-down list next to it, then click the Apply button.
  • Once the proper resolution for your TV has been identified, you can either select  “Keep Changes” to keep the new resolution in place or “Revert” to return to the previous resolution.

2. Fixing the Mac’s HDMI connection’s resolution


The size of your computer’s text and objects turn on the display’s resolution. You can enlarge or improve the text and objects on your computer by adjusting the resolution settings on your Mac.

When the revert resolution is utilized, you can manually adjust the resolution to make objects and text look larger or smaller on your screen so that you have more space on your screen.

Depending on the Mac you use, the options offered are often set to the default for this display. You can change the Mac screen aspect ratio. To alter it, adhere to the methods listed below.

  • Once your primary Display resolution is chosen, Choose Apple Menu.
  • Select System Preferences.
  • Select “Default for Display” by pressing the Display icon.
  • Select Scaled, then select a menu item.

Whether you’re using a Mac with a Retina Display or a non-Retina Display affects what you see now.

You will see “more space” or “bigger text” shown on the four windows on the Mac with Retina Display. By clicking on this, you can alter the size of the things as they appear on your screen while maintaining the Retina Display level resolution.

You need extra options on your Mac if it has a non-Retina display if you want to change the aspect ratio. To choose an available option, click the “Scaled” button. The options you see will depend on the screen you’re using.


Your monitor’s or TV’s supported resolutions have a significant impact on the resolution you may use. The likelihood that the resolution will be supported by the display increases with size. You can improve your screen’s resolution depending on the sort of video card you have, the size and capacity of your display, and other factors.

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