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How To Make The Best Beef Stroganoff Pioneer Woman?

Vivian Michel
Written by Vivian Michel

The beef stroganoff pioneer woman is a Russian dish but ironically more popular in America. People in the US call it comfort food. Many people who have tried the meal, must be intrigued by the taste and its presentation. Also, many find it difficult to make. But some simple steps can overcome the curiosity of how to make this beautiful food marvel.

Significant Ingredients in Beef Stroganoff Pioneer Woman

The name might be confusing for some people since it says Beef Stroganoff, pioneer woman. The dish isn’t just about adding beef with sauces. It is a combination of beef, sliced into pieces, sour creamy sauce, and a few other items including noodles, parsley, or even spaghetti. It depends on the eaters with what they want to try the dish.

To make beef stroganoff, a cook should have Olive Oil, Beefsteak, Sour Cream, Onions, Mushrooms, Carrots, Brandy, or any booze, Dijon Mustard, Salt and Pepper, Parsley, and, Noodles. The dish can be made in only six steps if the cook is willing to do it precisely and perfectly.

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Step 1

Slice up the beef really nice. Before even that, heat the oil to fry the sliced pieces. The oil should not be boiling or it will ruin the meal before it even sees the face of a plate. It will be better if the chef doesn’t fry all the beef pieces at once. It should be done separately.

Step 2

After slicing and heating the beef, comes the turn of vegetables to play a vital role in the making of pioneer woman ground beef stroganoff. Remove the fried beef from the skillet and put the veggies including carrots, mushrooms, and onions in the frypan. Turn the vegetables brown by cooking them at medium-high heat (375° – 449° F). Mushrooms on the other hand can be cut according to the cook’s preference.

Step 3

To make a delicious Beef Stroganoff Pioneer Woman, adding liquor is one of the key points. The cook can choose between brandy, whisky, or wine as per his/her preference. After that, toss in the beef and vegetables. Heat the ingredients to medium-high temperature and then have a taste of it.

Step 4

Add the creamy sour sauce and mustard, but not too much quantity because that will ruin the taste of the dish. Those who want to get the taste of every ingredient, will not want to be too creamy. After adding the sauces, heat it for 3 to 4 minutes so that it is well-cooked.

Step 5

Put the cornstarch sauce in the pan, and mix all the items. It will be good if the chef puts beef over the cornstarch. Keep heating all the cooked elements for at least 2 minutes.

Step 6

The Beef Stroganoff Pioneer Woman is almost ready. Now, take the cooked stuff out of the frypan and put it on the plate. Meanwhile, make noodles, which won’t take much time, and add spread them around the beef. Lastly, add the ground parsley to the dish and it is all good to go. Now, the foodies can enjoy their beef stroganoff.

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