How to Clean PS4 Fan – 5 Simple Steps to Make It run Smooth

How to Clean PS4 Fan - 5 Simple Steps to Make It run Smooth

How to clean PS4 fan is a question that pops up in every console user once in a while. The reason is that PlayStation consoles as well as other devices require service with a gap of two to three months. The fan usually fills up with dust and the device starts making noise. So, if any gamers hear that the PS is sounding like a jet engine, it is time for its service. But the problem here comes is that cleaning an efficient electronic device is a risky task. Also, many users don’t want to ruin the machine by opening and messing with its systems.

Usually, the gaming box gets filled with dust and its fans stop functioning properly. Then the poor box starts making loud noise and even increases its temperature. To avoid this, the gamers can clean it themselves instead of taking it to shops, which is a time and money-consuming process.

How to Clean PS4 Fan: An Easy and Efficient Process

Many people find cleaning consoles difficult since they think that opening and messing with the parts will not do any good to their precious PlayStations. So, they go to repairing shops to get the noise and heat issue fixed. Most people don’t trust vendors and repairers but they don’t have any choice other than to leave their devices at the mercy of repairing centers. However, they can easily learn how to clean PS4 fan and its internal body without breaking it. Regardless of risk, it is not that hard to clean a ps4 fan or entirely service it. A person just needs to learn a few steps, follow them carefully and then clean the console.

1-      Selecting the Right Tools to Open PS4

Learning how to clean dust from PS4 is easy but to do it practically, one will need a set of tools. To open and clean the device, six items are required:

1.       Compressed air can: simply blow out the dust placed inside the device.

2.       TR9 Torx security bit screwdriver: Because PS4 has fixed with T9 security screws, thus opening it with a T9 screwdriver would be a smart decision.

3.       A Knife: To scratch or peel off the seals (stickers) as they are protecting the screws.

4.       A standard screwdriver: to open the internal screws.

5.       Cotton swabs or Earbuds

6.       A cleaning brush (oil brush or toothbrush): To clean the dust stuck inside the fan.

2-      Shut Down the System Entirely

Before using a screwdriver, users must make sure that the machine is unplugged and all the wires are disconnected from its ports. They need to shut it down and unlink the connections to start the cleaning process. The precautions will save the cleaner from getting electrocuted.

3-      Remove Seals and Open Screws

The simplest way of doing it to look at the black stickers in the middle of the back grill. There are a total of five hidden screws. Carefully take those off and use the T9 screwdriver to open the screws. The users must make sure not to lose the screws since they’d have to use them again to reassemble.

After that, open up the Phillips screws to open up the PSU. Once it is removed, try to avoid unplugging the motherboard cable.

4-      Time to Blow Away Dust

After removing the PSU, the users can see the fan and heat sink. At this point, the question of how to clean the ps4 pro fan sounds like an overrated myth since it isn’t that difficult anymore. Take the compressed air can and blow the dirt out. It sounds easy but requires attention since you wouldn’t want to disturb the wiring and connections. Before applying the air, make sure it’s not moisturized so, test the spray before using it on PS4.

After that, take the brush and wipe out the dirt from the fan and the body. Try to use the brush gently because using it harshly might not do well for the fan.

5-      Reassemble

The final step is to put the PSU, and main body back on. Put back the screws in their exact places. After finding the answer to ‘how to clean ps4 fan?’ Reassembling is not a difficult task to do. All a person needs to do is remember the screw spots.

Lastly, when everything is set and the PlayStation is reassembled, plug the wires and thoroughly check it. Once the device is cleaned properly and is working fine, the users can also check the PS4 latency since it will also be improved after the service.